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Update your rates notice details

Keeping your details up-to-date is key to ensure you receive your rates notices, while you can also subscribe to get your notice by email and sign up to SMS payment reminders.

Use the below forms to

  • Change your address for future rate notices.
  • Update your contact details.
  • Register for email delivery.
  • Register for an SMS reminder for when your rates are due in full in February.

To complete the forms you will need

  • The assessment number, property address and names listed on rates notice.
  • A signed letter of authority if you are acting on behalf of an owner/director or secretary of the company

Property owned by an Individual

If the property title is in the name of an individual then please use the form below.

Update your individual rates notice details

Property owned by a company/organisation

If the property title is in the name of a company or organisation then please use the form below

Update your company/organisation's rates notice details